If you are looking to build a stronger arm balance practice, tone and transform your mind and body, this is the course for you! The purpose in creating this guide is to help bring awareness to practitioners to not just focus on strength or flexibility alone as a way to achieve results. It's the technique and I show you how to breakdown it down, modify it, and make it your own to achieve any arm balance.

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What is the Arm Balance Progression Guide?

Welcome to the Arm Balance Progression Guide! Don't be afraid! Arm balances are fun, great for building upper body strength, awareness and self-confidence within oneself. Learn how to condition your mind, body and breath before tackling arm balances. Follow this guide and you will reach amazing abilities within yourself, achieve control and comfort in arm balances to where you can flip it into your own practice.

  • You will learn joint action conditioning exercises to help prepare you for arm balance work.
  • Learn how to use props effectively to help assist your progress throughout your arm balance journey.
  • By the end of this course you will have the tools you will need to practice crow and other arm balances.
  • Download a PDF on all the Arm Balances in the 102 Course
  • Progression Spreadsheet to help track your weekly progress

This Progression Guide includes:

  • 101: Conditioning before Arm Balances (Beginners Course)
  • Crow/Crane/Flying Crow (Ultimate Crow Course)
  • 102: Intermediate/Adv. Arm Balances
  • Core Strengthening
  • Inversion Part 1: Headstand & Handstand
  • Virtual Arm Balance Coaching

Bonus Courses:

  • How to Breakdance in 90 Days
  • Elbow Lever, Peacock, and One Arm Croc. (short series)

Coming Soon:

  • Arm Balancing (Master Course) with coaching

What this guide offers:

  • All Access to Chosen Content
  • Enjoyable and Educational Content
  • Completion of the course at your own pace
  • Download the Teachable App to watch on the go!
  • Some Downloadable Resources
  • Optional: Online Coaching via Zoom depending on the plan and by request.

Bear is so skilled and knowledgeable and a really great teacher. I've had the pleasure of learning arm balance with Bear in person and online. His course does not disappoint. During the course you get a true feel for his calm and cool demeanor and how he makes learning skills that might seem intimidating or scary into low pressure and lot's of fun. I appreciate the attention he gives to warming up and strengthening your fingers and wrists which you can quickly learn is a lot more taxing than you'd think. He leaves me energize and eager to practice and learn more.

-Amy Cordeno

"I'm new to this whole Yoga thing. I've only been practicing for about 9-10 months. I was invited to Eugenes Arm balance. In all my years I've never successfully performed a handstand or anything close to one. So, I went into the course not expecting to perform half of the exercises. Not only did I do all the warmups, but Eugene had taught me the progressions on going upside down. It was thrilling! I would highly recommend Eugene course. Thanks Bear!"

-Abraham White